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Post-Maternity Care / Baby Nurses

Giving birth and caring for a newborn can be an overwhelming experience. If you need help, Shene Nursing Service provides exceptional post-maternity care for new moms and their newborn babies.

Our nurses are especially helpful if:

  • You already have young children at home to care for
  • You don’t have family that lives close enough to help
  • You had or are planning to have a C-section
  • Your baby was born prematurely and may have health concerns to look out for

Some new moms may have a family member available to help with a newborn baby or other young children at home, while others do not. If you live on the East End of Long Island and you don’t have family that lives close enough to help on a daily basis, Shene Nursing Service is here for you.

Our baby nurses provide tender, loving care for newborns and offer a helping hand so that Mom can recover and get some much needed rest. If you had or are planning to have a C-section, you’ll need to take it easy for a few weeks. Maybe you need help preparing meals for your family or someone to do the grocery shopping and run errands until you can drive again. If it’s one good night of sleep you want, our nurses can give the baby a bottle in the middle of the night.

If your baby was premature or born with health issues, we will monitor your newborn’s health and quickly pick up on signs of a problem. A lot can happen within the first few weeks of life, and you can never be too cautious about caring for an infant. You can take comfort in the care we provide for you and your baby.

Why hire a nanny when you can hire a nurse who is ready and willing to handle any situation that may arise? Our nurses can be available to you for as much or as little time as you need. There is no better alternative for post-maternity care, especially during those first several weeks after giving birth.

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